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Twenty-Six Percent

Music by Elspeth Collard

Book and Lyrics by Sam Rosenblatt

After a long night of partying (that he doesn’t remember any of), Average Joe embarks on a long subway ride with only twenty-six percent battery left on his phone. Will he make it home in time or will his phone (and all of the voices in his phone) abandon him? Featuring many virtual helpers, a dying phone battery, and the plight of one Average Joe, Twenty-Six Percent documents a subway ride home in real time.

Twenty Six-Percent

A Ten-Minute Musical by Elspeth Collard & Sam Rosenblatt

Originally heard on Zoomfest: The Theatrical Podcast

Performed by Enzo Veiga, Erin Hoerchler, Lucy O'Brien-English, Jenna Beressi, Stephen Wagener Bennett, and Josh Ben-Ami

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