Full Length Works

Book and Lyrics by Sam Rosenblatt

Book and Music by Stephen Wagener Bennett


Taking place in the Soviet Union during WWII, Night Witches details the perseverance and determination of these women who fought alongside their male counterparts to win the war. Night Witches received a Zoom table-read on April 24th and was submitted to the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program for MFA qualifications on May 10th.

Night Witches was inspired by the real-life women of the 588th Night-Bomber Regiment in the Soviet Union Air Force during WWII. These women, nicknamed the “Night Witches,” were crucial in the defeat of Hitler’s forces. Night Witches hopes to tell the story of these unsung, brave heroines.

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Book and Lyrics by Sam Rosenblatt

Music by Elspeth Collard


A Princess Story defies and denies the “damsel in distress” trope, choosing instead to put the princess front and center as the main heroine of the tale. Following Princess Annalise in a quest to slay a dragon, our story features an LGBTQ+ love story, a dynamic pair of strong leading female characters, and a boy band of knights.

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