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Like the Wind

Music by Elspeth Collard

Book & Lyrics by Sam Rosenblatt

Like the Wind is a new electronica-pop musical that explores the lives of Bennie and Cai, two queer teenagers running away from a conversion therapy facility in the summer of 2018. Loosely inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, Bennie and Cai choose to change the fate that society has set for them and break through the constraints of expectations and rules. With a queer, female writing team at the helm, Like the Wind explores themes of identity, forgiveness, and queerness in young people.

Like the Wind  began as a five-minute musical commission from Shotgun Players in California. It was originally entitled, The People We're Meant to Be. The five-minute musical, featuring Alia Cuadros-Contreras as Cai and Mikey Friedman as Bennie, premiered in July of 2021. The show also received a public presentation through the New Musicals Lab at Ferguson Center for the Arts in Newport News, Virginia in July of 2021.

"Like the Wind" from Like the Wind: An Electronica-Pop Musical

Music by Elspeth Collard, Book and Lyrics by Sam Rosenblatt Featuring Renee Kauffman, John Byrd, Sarah Allbrandt, Diego Bly, Matt Stevenson, and Remy Thompson

Filmed at the New Musicals Lab at the Ferguson Center for the Arts

The People We're Meant to Be: A Five-Minute Musical

Music by Elspeth Collard, Book and Lyrics by Sam Rosenblatt Featuring Alia Cuadros-Contreras and Mikey Friedman

Commissioned by Shotgun Players as part of their 3030 Vision Project

The Casts

Renee Kauffman

Renee Kauffman

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Remy Thompson

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John Byrd

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Matt Stevenson

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Alia Cuadros-Contreras

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Sarah Allbrandt


Mikey Friedman

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Diego Bly